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Latest from the Blog

01/08, My first half triathlon ☺️

I haven’t done much bike touring since the end of April, because I’ve been preparing for my first ever half triathlon ☺️ a back to back 1.9k swim, 90k bike ride and 21.1k run 😳 When I subscribed for the event at the beginning of May, Covid numbers in the Netherlands were down and vaccinationContinue Reading

08/12, ride around the Island, day 18, Linkou

It rained consistently throughout the night, making me a bit worried about today’s ride. Rain, low temperatures, slippery remote mountain roads, lots of downhill, occasional climbs, riding the last bit through the busy city (rain turns motorists crazy for what ever reason). Despite the rain I took of this morning and the first two hoursContinue Reading

07/12, ride around the Island, day 17, Mingchi

Today was supposed to be the last day of my trip, but rain, hills and low temperatures have made me cut my ride short today 😯 Taiwan has shown all it’s types of weather to me during the last two weeks, including clear blue skies with a blazing sun and 34 degree, storm force windsContinue Reading

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