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Latest from the Blog

05/09, goodbye from Barcelona

Some last pictures from Barcelona! Waiting for my plane to depart later this afternoon… It’s been another great trip! 🥰 Back to work tomorrow 😂

04/09, sightseeing Barcelona

Last full day in Barcelona and closed it all down with a day of Gaudi: Casa Batlo, Casa Mila, Casa Vicens, Park Guëll, Sagrada Familia. I’m quite sure aliens exist 😂 Love Gaudi’s work. Nothing like it. Great last day of sightseeing!

28/08, day 19, Barcelona

Tough but fun day today ☺️ Some cyclist are of the opinion that there is no nice way of reaching Barcelona by bicycle. They say it’s better to take the train instead of using the busy roads. Taking the train was never an option for me, so after some research I found a mountainbike routeContinue Reading

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