07/08, My first full distance triathlon 😳

On Sunday August 7th I participated in my first full distance triathlon. A back to back 3.8k swim, a 180k bike ride followed by a full 42.2k marathon. A 226k event. After finishing a half distance triathlon last year it took me a whole year to prepare for this, including maintaining fitness during the winterContinue Reading

04/09, sightseeing Barcelona

Last full day in Barcelona and closed it all down with a day of Gaudi: Casa Batlo, Casa Mila, Casa Vicens, Park Guëll, Sagrada Familia. I’m quite sure aliens exist 😂 Love Gaudi’s work. Nothing like it. Great last day of sightseeing!

28/08, day 19, Barcelona

Tough but fun day today ☺️ Some cyclist are of the opinion that there is no nice way of reaching Barcelona by bicycle. They say it’s better to take the train instead of using the busy roads. Taking the train was never an option for me, so after some research I found a mountainbike routeContinue Reading

27/08, day 18, Girona

Only 55k to Girona. There is danger in that way of thinking 😂Especially the “only”. Today was the fifth consecutive day on the bike and my legs actually had to do some hard labor yesterday. This means that this morning my legs weren’t really up for it 🥵 They felt stiff and cramped up atContinue Reading

26/08, day 17, Figueres

Hola y bienvenido a la hermosa España 🥳 Made it through quite alright today ☺️ Did the first 400m climb in the morning coolness, with some beautiful views on Pic de Canigou (some 2800m) and in the distance the Mediterranean sea. After the descent I had breakfast in a little village and then started theContinue Reading

25/08, day 16, Latour

I’ve arrived at the foot of the Pyrenees and passed the 2000k boundary 🥳 I rode a total of 2065k so far and only 285 and a mountain chain left to go 😂 Today’s riding was really nice, away from the busy coast and in to the foothills of the mountains, with many vineyards andContinue Reading

24/08, day 15, Agde

Today I got to do a bit of riding along the Mediterranean coast and it was just as horrible as I imagined it would be 😂 All the beach tourists – whether they are walking, or cycling or driving a car – are just completely oblivious of their surroundings. They easily walk 4 abreast onContinue Reading

23/08, day 14, Saint Gilles

What a day 🥵 Lots of busy roads and crazy wind 🥺 Getting out of the city was busy but people still seemed to be in a good after-weekend Monday morning mood. So it was manageable, but still required a lot of attention. After some 30k the roads became a little less busy, but thenContinue Reading

22/08, rest day Marseille

Well, I definitely like Marseille beter on Sunday morning 0700 than I did yesterday Saturday afternoon / early evening 😂 Cleaning crews were out to sweep away all the junk that Saturday night had left on the streets, and many places still smelled, but at least it was not as noisy anymore 😂 I mustContinue Reading

21/08, day 13, Marseille

Interesting day today… Normally I use opencyclemap to help me plan my routes, as this map indicates all long distance and local bike paths. However, between Avignon and Marseille there isn’t too much cycling infrastructure, so i plotted my route as much as possible on small roads. The closer to Marseille I got, the moreContinue Reading

20/08, rest day Avignon

So in 1305 the French King Philip decided it would be nice to have a French Pope. He did a bit of lobbying and bribed some cardinals and like that Clement the fifth was elected as pope of the catholic church. However, clement didn’t feel really at home in Rome because the Italians bullied him.Continue Reading

19/08, day 12, Avignon

I’ve entered the land of heavy medieval castles, lavender and gracious cipres trees ☺️ Smells are amazing and the water of the river seemed to just get bluer and bluer ☺️ Winds were in my favor again today, although not as much as yesterday. I pedaled away the 110k relatively easily though. Highlight of theContinue Reading

18/08, day 11, Cruas

The wind has turned in my favor ☺️ And what a wind it was ☺️ Today I cycled along the Rhône river all day and the wind was so hard that the waves on the river had little white heads of foam ☺️ I had planned 127k for today, but reached my destination already atContinue Reading

17/08, rest day Lyon

What’s nice that nowadays I don’t put a lot of preparations in these trips. I roughly plot a route that mainly follows cycle paths and make sure it comes through a few big cities and then I hope for the best 😅 What I like about that is that everything I encounter is a completeContinue Reading

16/08, day 10 , Lyon

Another beautiful day of riding through the winelands ☺️ The day started out a bit grey and with a drizzle, but it was nice that the temperatures were a bit more moderate. Had to do some climbing, but this provided some lovely vistas, so well worth it 🥰 In the afternoon I even found myselfContinue Reading

15/08, cycling anniversary

On August 15th 2014 I set of on my first multi day bike trip from home to Paris. Today that is exactly 7 years ago. At that time I had to take a mandatory 2 week holiday from work, but due to the renovations on my house I didn’t have much money left 😂 ItContinue Reading

15/08, day 9, Cluny

Today’s ride just put a smile on my face ☺️ The day started with a little bit of climbing but left me with a beautiful view over Dijon. After that my road went into the winelands and provided me with some beautiful views over ancient wine domains of the Bourgone, with its many chateaus. IContinue Reading

14/08, rest day Dijon

It’s hard to imagine that I originally intended to just make a quick few hour visit to this beautiful city 😳 Very happy I decided to spend a whole day, roaming through the streets, being lazy and eating sweet miniature pastries ☺️ I only knew Dijon from its mustard, but apparently it used to theContinue Reading

13/08, day 8, Dijon

A bit of a dull day today. Many kilometers along the Saone and its accompanying canal, for which at some places tunnels werd build to pass hills. Unfortunately there were not many villages along the river, so mainly saw trees and fields with crops, often bare because already harvested. Some 40k into the ride IContinue Reading

12/08, day 7, Port sur Saone

I dreaded today a bit. I scheduled a 166k ride due to a lack of campsites along the route. So it was either a short day or a long day. Only short days don’t get me to Barcelona, so I decided on a long day while scheduling this trip. However, with all the wind ofContinue Reading


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