01/08, My first half triathlon ☺️

I haven’t done much bike touring since the end of April, because I’ve been preparing for my first ever half triathlon ☺️ a back to back 1.9k swim, 90k bike ride and 21.1k run 😳 When I subscribed for the event at the beginning of May, Covid numbers in the Netherlands were down and vaccinationContinue Reading

08/12, ride around the Island, day 18, Linkou

It rained consistently throughout the night, making me a bit worried about today’s ride. Rain, low temperatures, slippery remote mountain roads, lots of downhill, occasional climbs, riding the last bit through the busy city (rain turns motorists crazy for what ever reason). Despite the rain I took of this morning and the first two hoursContinue Reading

05/12, ride around the Island, day 15, Lishan

Wonderful ride today. Left around 6am, hoping this would give me enough time to complete today’s climb to 2650 meter. I made it to the top of my planned ride at around 2pm. Slowly climbed out of the gorge along near vertical cliffs, providing amazing views over the gorge and the rive flowing down below.Continue Reading

04/12, rest day at Taroko Gorge

Nice day off the bike today, despite the many warning signs for falling rocks, landslides, formosan macaque’s with herpes, killers bees and venomous snakes. Enjoyed the stunning Baiyang trail towards a trickly waterfall and spilling watercurtain. The trail was originally built in the 1980’s as a construction road for a hydroelectric dam, which would haveContinue Reading

03/12, ride around the Island, day 14, Taroko

Always save the best for last… Starting on the Island’s west coast and riding counter clockwise has been a conscious decision. The western half of the island is more populated and industrialized, while the east coast is quite know for it’s natural beauty and stunning coast line. Next to that, the north east also providesContinue Reading

02/12, ride around the Island, day 13, Hualien

Made my way up through Taiwan’s eastern rift value today. Pretty strong headwinds again, totaling 350k of cycling into the wind now 🥵 out of some 1080k cycled in total. Scenery again amazing, with rice being harvested, mountains on either side of the valley and large rivers coming from those mountains!

01/12, ride around the Island, day 12, Yuli

Today I could feel that yesterday had been a tough day, making today quite a tough day as well, even though on paper it was not as tough as yesterday. The rains had disappeared, but unfortunately the wind was still there. So my first 70k were along the coast, against the storm force winds 🙈Continue Reading

30/11, ride around the Island, day 11, Taimali

Had a nice and quiet day yesterday. The weather wasn’t very good, so I spent most of my time relaxing in my hotel room, giving the legs a proper rest. This morning I left around 7 and unfortunately weather hadn’t improved much over night. This means I spent most of my day riding in theContinue Reading

28/11, ride around the Island, day 10, Kenting

Not a very eventful ride today. 145k on the flats made for smooth and relatively fast riding. Temperature was very comfortable, mainly due to the presence of some light clouds. The day ended with some crazy crosswinds though, which kept pushing me of the road 😂 Had an early start again and took my time.Continue Reading

26/11, ride around the Island, day 8, Tainan

Today my legs did feel the work they did yesterday 😯 Luckily today was a 70k 2200m downhill, followed by 80k on the flats with a slight tailwind. It was a shame that the downhill was interrupted with a few short stints of uphill, otherwise it would have been perfect 😊 Waking up to aContinue Reading

25/11, ride around the Island, day 7, Alishan

Long day today. 102k ride with some 3000m of elevation gain, with the main climb over a length of some 66k. Climbing from 325m to 2615m. That’s quite lot more than I’ve ever done on my bike 😳 While planning my rides I always try to limit my max elevation gain around 1500m, because IContinue Reading

24/11, rest day at Sun Moon Lake

Beautiful day at Sun Moon Lake 🥰 Had an easy morning with an elaborate breakfast, and then took a boat to the other side of the lake. Took a short hike to one of the temples on top of the hill and climbed the pagoda for some nice views. I ended up in a littleContinue Reading

21/11, ride around the Island, day 4, Nanzhuang

Time to attempt a loop around the rest of the Island! Great idea to do it only six days after last week’s triathlon, but who cares right 🙂 I’ve been here for almost 5 months now, so it’s time for a nice break! Now should also be the right time weather-wise. Hopefully temperatures will notContinue Reading

15/11, Challenge Taiwan, 51.5k

Trying something new today: stand in line in the pouring rain for 30 minutes for registration – attend pre- race briefing – sort out all my stuff after that – go to bed early – have a shitty night of sleep due to nervous anticipation – wake up at 0400am – check in my bicycleContinue Reading


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