About me

It all started with a bike trip to Paris in 2014. I was out of shape, riding on a very simple bicycle, without any knowledge on how to maintain or repair my bike, while not having camped for some six years. In short, I felt totally unfit to undertake something like this. For that reason, I made sure not to tell anyone of my intention to ride my bicycle to Paris, afraid that they would try to stop me 🙂

I enjoyed myself and many other trips have followed. I like how gradually the landscapes change, the accents change, language changes, the food changes, architecture changes. I like how I am able to complete what at first seem to be crazy undertakings. I like the people I meet along the road. I like the freedom of doing whatever I like to do. I like the the feeling of anticipation before starting a ride. I like looking at maps and finding out that places look very different from what I’d imagined they would look like while looking at the map. I like defining the routes that I’m going to ride. I hate the climbing but I love the views. I like reading about the places that I’m going to visit and the things that it teaches me. I love being independent and self reliant. I love being resourceful when I run into whatever kind of trouble. I like that I am the only one to blame for any problems I have to resolve. I like pushing my boundaries. I like travelling by bike, exploring new places.