2021 Barcelona

28/08, day 19, Barcelona

Tough but fun day today ☺️ Some cyclist are of the opinion that there is no nice way of reaching Barcelona by bicycle. They say it’s better to take the train instead of using the busy roads. Taking the train was never an option for me, so after some research I found a mountainbike route between Girona and Barcelona which I decided to give a try! ☺️ The first 50k were great gravel roads, but then I stumbled upon an overgrown path on my route. Instead of taking the path I took an alternative road that ran parallel to the path, but wasn’t on my map, so I was not sure where this road would lead. The road ended in the middle of nothing 🙈 Because I didn’t want to turn around, I decided to use a culvert which would bring me back to the overgrown path, which at that point looked rideable ☺️ For this manoeuvre I had to lift my bike over a number of obstacles, but I managed to get my bike on the path. A few hundred meters down the path, it turned out that it wasn’t rideable, being overgrown with nasty thorn bushes 😢 At some point the path disappeared altogether as it had collapsed into the river. I did some more difficult maneuvering with my bike and got my bike onto the dry river bed and pushed my bike for about a kilometer through loose sand, mud and the actual river 😂 At some point I found the path again and had to lift my bike out of the river and then had to push it for another 500 meter through thorn bushes 😂 Further down the road I had to deal with some nasty steep climbs and some 10k before reaching Barcelona the road turned to complete mush 🙈 But in the end the wild river banks turned into a nicely landscaped river park and the shitty gravel roads turned into well paved bike paths 🥳 I had found a way into Barcelona without using the shoulders of busy roads 🥳 I used shitty gravel roads instead 😂 But it got me where I needed to be, by bike! This is the end of my bike trip. Monday I’ll start a five day course on “Transformative leadership on future challenges” 🤓 and of course I hope there will be some time for sightseeing and Sangria 🥰 Thank you for all your likes and encouragements! It was a great little trip and I’ve seen some very nice stuff along☺️

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