2021 Barcelona

27/08, day 18, Girona

Only 55k to Girona. There is danger in that way of thinking 😂Especially the “only”. Today was the fifth consecutive day on the bike and my legs actually had to do some hard labor yesterday. This means that this morning my legs weren’t really up for it 🥵 They felt stiff and cramped up at every little hill. I stopped after only 10k to get some breakfast, having a hard time believing I only rode 10k 😂 After breakfast it continued like this for another 15k, and after that the gravel road started 😳From this point, all the way to Barcelona, there is no dedicated cycling infrastructure. A famous Dutch route maker actually suggests to take the train from Girona to BCN, but I already came to far for that 😂 For that reason I’m using gravel roads as unofficial cycling roads. That’s all nice and well, but I have no clue what the state of these gravel roads actually is 😂 Today’s gravel was quite manageable though, following the river and nicely shaded by bush! The 2nd half of the ride went a lot better, especially because my mind got distracted by diverting all the holes in the road, so hopefully tomorrow’s roads will be the same 🙏🏻 Made it to Girona around 1330 and checked into my lovely b&b where I’ll be sharing a room with my bike ☺️ Girona is a great little city, very old, and you can actually climb and walk across the old city walls to get some proper views ☺️ So this was an afternoon very wel spent ☺️ Tomorrow is my last day of riding: 115k till the doorstep of Sagrada Familia 🥰 Hopefully the roads on the route I’ve planned are okay 🤞🏻 Otherwise it will be Marseille all over again 😓

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