2021 Barcelona

26/08, day 17, Figueres

Hola y bienvenido a la hermosa España 🥳 Made it through quite alright today ☺️ Did the first 400m climb in the morning coolness, with some beautiful views on Pic de Canigou (some 2800m) and in the distance the Mediterranean sea. After the descent I had breakfast in a little village and then started the 2nd 400m climb. This one was quite hot 🥵 which had me worried a bit for the 700m climb. After the 2nd descent I stopped for ice cream and a coke and talked a bit with a local cyclist. He thought I was nuts for taking the 700m pass into Spain while there is also a 300m pass ☠️ Changing my route now felt a bit like cheating though 🙈 so I stuck to my original plan. If I would have been worn out at that point the 300m pass could have been a nice escape, but I wasn’t, so I figured I just had to put in the work. So I did… It was a nice climb. Not too steep and nice and shady due to the bush lining the road. Downside was that the bush also blocked any nice views 😢 It was an old twisty and turny mountainroad, with at the end some nice sharp hairpin bends, and the last bit turned into a washed out overgrown gravel road 😂 Whoever thought this was a nice way of entering Spain? 😂 At the top of the pass there was no sign to mark the border. The only clue of this being the border was that the shitty French road turned into a beautiful Spanish road 😂 I guess the French didn’t keep up their end of the bargain 😂 They even put big rocks at the end of their road, preventing any cars from using the road as a border crossing. Crossing the border on my bike put a smile on my face though ☺️ Next followed a 700m gradual descent. However, after that downhill it turned out it was still 28k to Figueres, my final destination for today 😳 It had some short climbs in it and best of all was that I was joined by my friend the headwind again 😓 There is no possible escape from the everlasting headwind 😂 Made it to Figueres – birth city of Salvador Dali – just fine. Language is a new barrier here though 😂 My Spanish is non existent 🤐 During diner I treated myself to a nice large glass of Sangria though! I’ve been looking forward to that for weeks 😂Tomorrow only 55k to Girona!

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