2021 Barcelona

25/08, day 16, Latour

I’ve arrived at the foot of the Pyrenees and passed the 2000k boundary 🥳 I rode a total of 2065k so far and only 285 and a mountain chain left to go 😂 Today’s riding was really nice, away from the busy coast and in to the foothills of the mountains, with many vineyards and old villages and castles. This is more my kind of riding 🥰 No more flamingos though 😢. However, after some 115k I got my first sight of the mountains that still lay ahead of me… Seeing the mountains felt like a reward after being on the road for three weeks now ☺️ Nevertheless crossing the mountains tomorrow still feels like a major challenge. 115k and 1500 meters of climbing, divided over three climbs: 2x 400m and 1x 700m The 700 meter climb is the highest of the trip and also marks the border with Spain. It’s only a limited amount of climbing compared to the 2 3000m high mountain passes that I conquered in Taiwan. Only back then I wasn’t carrying as much sh🥵t as I’m carrying now. So yes, it definitely feels like a challenge 😂 Hopefully tomorrow by this time I will have made it to Spain by bike ☺️ Last time I crossed the Pyrenees it rained all day, so hopefully the weather will be good tomorrow… Fingers crossed 🤞🏻

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