2021 Barcelona

24/08, day 15, Agde

Today I got to do a bit of riding along the Mediterranean coast and it was just as horrible as I imagined it would be 😂 All the beach tourists – whether they are walking, or cycling or driving a car – are just completely oblivious of their surroundings. They easily walk 4 abreast on the cycle lanes, block roads with their inflatable beach animals, and let their little kids run free and unleashed 😂 I always take some pleasure in giving people a little scare by using the narrow gap between two people or by ringing my bell when I’m right behind them 😈 Of course I’m not creating any dangerous situations and little kids are exempt. Riding was hardest when passing through the touristic villages, with their slightly outdates 70’s beach culture architecture, which once used to be a climax of luxury and is now just so so. Streets turn into true urban jungles where it is survival of the fittest and cyclists are not appreciated 🥺The coast line here contains some of the longest parking areas in the world (must be, they go on for kilometers on end 😂 Anyways, mentally I was prepared for all this, I didn’t expect anything less. Luckily there were still flamingos. And cacti. And the medieval town of Aigues Mortes, which was once France’s main port for sending crusaders to the promised land. Anywayzzz, maybe I should just be a little bit jealous of these beachy people for being able to reach a state of relaxenes that I could probably never achieve (most certainly not on a beach with all that sand) 😂 Tomorrow I leave the coast and start making my way to the Pyrenees, where there are no more beachy people….

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