2021 Barcelona

23/08, day 14, Saint Gilles

What a day 🥵 Lots of busy roads and crazy wind 🥺 Getting out of the city was busy but people still seemed to be in a good after-weekend Monday morning mood. So it was manageable, but still required a lot of attention. After some 30k the roads became a little less busy, but then I got to the port area of Marseille. On the other side of the port I could pick up the long distance cycle network again. But that meant I first had to circumnavigate the port and take some 25k of roads which were mainly used by big trucks 🥵 Most of these roads had wide shoulders, but at some places these shoulders narrowed or were overgrown, and those were the tight bits ☠️ I was quite relieved once I could leave those roads behind me ☺️ But then followed the next challenge, cycling north, head on into this crazy wind on a 35k straight road 😓😓😓 That’s a mental challenge. 35k at 15k an hour. I took it really easy and was quite pleased that I made it through ☺️ After that endless windy road I had reached my intended destination for today, but decided to push through for another 20k to turn tomorrow’s 145k ride into a 125k ride. Despite the wind and the crazy roads I’m quite pleased with my self. I’m now in Saint Gilles, which is a little pilgrim’s village on the camino de Santiago from Marseille. It has a nice pilgrim’s church and a good atmosphere ☺️ Also saw a big flock of Flamingo’s near the harbor of Marseille, which I like a lot ☺️ Until now I only saw Flamingos in Africa… Really nice that we have them this close to home as well ☺️ Also saw a bridge that features in one of van Gogh’s paintings ☺️ So tough and scary but exciting ride! And as of this afternoon i’m back on bike paths agains 🥰

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