2021 Barcelona

22/08, rest day Marseille

Well, I definitely like Marseille beter on Sunday morning 0700 than I did yesterday Saturday afternoon / early evening 😂 Cleaning crews were out to sweep away all the junk that Saturday night had left on the streets, and many places still smelled, but at least it was not as noisy anymore 😂 I must be getting old and I’m quite sure that I have never been hip enough for a city like Marseille, just like I’m not hip enough for Sydney or Rotterdam 😂 I used the cool morning to climb to the Notre Dame de la Garde which overlooks the city from a 160m high hill. I’m not sure my legs agreed to the climb, but once on top I had some pretty spectacular views of the city under the early morning sun ☺️ I stayed their for a while and then made my way down to old the port and the fort of St Jean, which guards the entrance of the old port. From the old fortress I got some other nice views. The fortress is connected to the new Marseille Museum by an impressive black concrete trogligger which serves as a bridge. No idea how to translate trogligger into English though 😂 The museum itself is an interesting building, designed by French Architect Rudy Ricciotti, whom I personally have never heard of. From the museum I took a stroll into the old town of Marseille, then had a quick lunch and then retreated to my bed for a long siesta in my air conditioned room 😴😴😴 It’s probably the best preparation for the final 6 day 650k stretch! I’m not there yet though… The wind is going to turn against me tomorrow and on day 4 I still have some 1500 meters of climbing to do. Better pace myself 😴😴😴 Happy I stayed in Marseille for the day though!

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