2021 Barcelona

21/08, day 13, Marseille

Interesting day today… Normally I use opencyclemap to help me plan my routes, as this map indicates all long distance and local bike paths. However, between Avignon and Marseille there isn’t too much cycling infrastructure, so i plotted my route as much as possible on small roads. The closer to Marseille I got, the more difficult that became 😂 And this showed during todays’ ride 😂 The first 80k or so was fine, riding through orchards with full apple trees, vineyards and stretches of olive trees, with some nice climbs and pretty views. After that followed 20k of busy roads, but manageable. It was especially crappy that it was all gradual uphill so cars were significantly faster than I was. Last was a 20k gradual descent into the city, which was an experience in itself 😳 They definitely like their cars here, showing of and driving like they are formula 1 drivers 😂 And often where they like their cars, they don’t like bikes, and they definitely don’t like bikes here 😂 People have been honking their horn at me countless times and on three occasions drivers have actually taken the effort to role down their window and shout unfriendly sounding things at me 😂 Maybe they were just being supportive 🙈 I’d hoped to get a nice view over the city and the sea on my descent, but I was to busy avoiding cars, either driving or double parked 🙈 I don’t think I’ve seen any nice views 😂 Once in the city I checked into my hostel (if i’m going to contract covid on my trip it is going to be here ☠️) had a shower and then decided that I really wanted to see the sea, so I took a stroll to the coast. This city reeks of piss and is filled with the noise of speeding cars, gettoblasters (is that still even a thing 😂) and motorboats blaring their engines. And apparently it is still normal here to call and whistle after people when walking by, something that’s been banned in the Netherlands quite a while back and something I don’t miss 😂 Next to that there seem to be a lot of beggars on the street, which is a big contrast with the fancy marina 😳 Maybe it’s because it’s Saturday evening Or maybe I just got too used to Disneyesque cities along my way 😂 But Marseille is pure chaos 😂

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