2021 Barcelona

20/08, rest day Avignon

So in 1305 the French King Philip decided it would be nice to have a French Pope. He did a bit of lobbying and bribed some cardinals and like that Clement the fifth was elected as pope of the catholic church. However, clement didn’t feel really at home in Rome because the Italians bullied him. For that reason, he decided that he’d rather live in France and he chose Avignon for his residence. He build a nice palace and to make sure that the Italians wouldn’t follow him with their bullying, he made sure the palace was heavily fortified. And to get back at the Italians, he made sure that he only appointed French cardinals to make sure that all his successor popes would be French as well. And just like that, Avignon became the residence of 7 popes and two antipopes (which were popes that thought they were popes but in reality weren’t really because the Italians felt the French had provided more than enough popes by then). Fascinating bit of history and it leaves Avignon with the beautiful 14th century Papal Palace and accompanying gardens. I only got there around 12 because I had a hard time getting out of bed. At 1400 I landed at the terrace of a restaurant for a bit to eat and at 1600 they kicked me out because they were closing to prepare for evening service. At 1700 I was back at the campsite, lurking coke from a straw at the terrace of their bar. I guess I’m a bit tired. 1555k in 14 days, preceded by the triathlon and all preparations… I guess I was allowed to be lazy for a day 😴 Hopefully tomorrow the energy is back. It’s a 123k ride to Marseille and the Mediterranean sea ☺️ which really is the next big thing i’m looking forward to ☺️

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