2021 Barcelona

19/08, day 12, Avignon

I’ve entered the land of heavy medieval castles, lavender and gracious cipres trees ☺️ Smells are amazing and the water of the river seemed to just get bluer and bluer ☺️ Winds were in my favor again today, although not as much as yesterday. I pedaled away the 110k relatively easily though. Highlight of the day was making it to Avignon ☺️ Seeing the old city on the river, with its bridge that stops somewhere in the middle of that river, just made me smile. Not so sure why though… I think it’s because the French chanson about dancing on the bridge of Avignon was probably the first thing I learned during French lessons at school. The text book might even have had a picture of the city on its cover. So I guess it’s just really nice to finally see the city for real! I arrived around 1400, but instead of exploring the city I decided to take a nap on the loungeset of the campsite’s bar. I had a shitty night of sleep last night so it was nice to catch up. I’ll stick around here for a day tomorrow, so more than enough time to explore then. Feels good to have reached Avignon by bicycle ☺️

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