2021 Barcelona

18/08, day 11, Cruas

The wind has turned in my favor ☺️ And what a wind it was ☺️ Today I cycled along the Rhône river all day and the wind was so hard that the waves on the river had little white heads of foam ☺️ I had planned 127k for today, but reached my destination already at 1400. I decided that the wind was too good to not use in my advantage and took a break and then rode another 48k, ending today’s ride at 175k ☺️ This means tomorrow it’s only some 110k left to Avignon ☺️ Hopefully the wind will still be there 🤞🏻 Scenery of today’s right was not too exciting. I mainly followed the flats along the river and many of the sights were hidden behind the bush. There was the occasional old village and some nice old suspension bridges. What I really liked was that I could see the Alps in the distance ☺️ They are still quite far away and it proofed difficult to take a nice picture of them, but they were really there! What’s also nice is that I’ve left the green lushness behind me and that the landscape is now much more arid. I’m currently at 1445k, so i’m now definitely closer to Barcelona than I am to home ☺️ Nice productive day today ☺️

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