2021 Barcelona

17/08, rest day Lyon

What’s nice that nowadays I don’t put a lot of preparations in these trips. I roughly plot a route that mainly follows cycle paths and make sure it comes through a few big cities and then I hope for the best 😅 What I like about that is that everything I encounter is a complete surprise ☺️ Everyone has heard of Lyon but I had no clue on what to expect of the city. No clue that it’s located at the confluence of the Saone and the Rhone rivers, meaning that two rivers run through the city. No clue that those rivers have hilly banks on which the city is build. No clue that the city has Roman origins, meaning that it still has the ruins of two old Roman theaters. No clue that the city had it’s heydays during the industrial era, meaning it lacks any grand palaces or monuments, other than the typical 19th century buildings such as a nice city hall and opera building. It’s a big city though! I walked some 24k today 😳 In terms of architecture it is not the most impressive city, but I did like all the beautiful vistas from the top of the hills and along the rivers. Apparently when the sky is really clear you can even see the Alps from here. Unfortunately today the sky was hazy, but I really loved seeing all the chimneys and orange roofs from above ☺️ Also had some quality French food at one of the bistros of Paul Bocuse at Cafe du Nord, which made the whole French experience complete ☺️ Thank you for recommending Nicole! During the next two days I’ll make my way to Avignon. I’m very much looking forward to finally seeing the bridge of Avignon, from the chanson Sur le Pont d’Avignon ☺️ I hope it doesn’t disappoint 😂

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