2021 Barcelona

15/08, cycling anniversary

On August 15th 2014 I set of on my first multi day bike trip from home to Paris. Today that is exactly 7 years ago. At that time I had to take a mandatory 2 week holiday from work, but due to the renovations on my house I didn’t have much money left 😂 It was Martijn, a good friend from University, who over dinner on August 6th suggested to take a road trip by bike. As the first thing I bought after I received my first paycheck of my first real job was a bike, that sounded like a good idea ☺️ I borrowed some camping gear from my brother and 9 days later I set off to Paris, without telling anyone because I was afraid that anyone who knew about my plans would stop me 😂 Especially my mother 😂 Me and my bike were utterly unprepared for the challenge. Back then I hadn’t camped in some 10 years or so and at every hill I encountered I had to dismount my bike and walk up 🙈 Regardless of that, six days later I found myself in Paris ☺️ By bicycle! Sometimes I feel a bit pathetic with all my bike trips 🙈 And I’m not always sure why I always get drawn back to the bike. Because sometimes it’s not fun at all 😂 There are always obstacles to overcome; heat, cold, wind, rain, drought, hills, long stretches of boring flats, poor roads, busy roads, closed roads, broken gear, no place to sleep, the endless search for water and food, little pains, my own volatile mood 😂… But in the end you have to overcome all those not so fun moments and then you get to these beautiful places, which seem to be even more beautiful because you got there by putting in a lot of hard labour. It wouldn’t be any fun just taking the car 😂 By now I’ve explored some 26 countries by bike and rode some 26500 kilometers during my trips, which probably is a bit crazy 🙈 Not all of those kilometers were fun or easy, but they’ve provided me with some very fond memories and many stories to tell ☺️ And i’m very sorry for continuously bothering you with those 😂 I love looking back at all those moments ☺️ I like my bike 🥰

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