2021 Barcelona

15/08, day 9, Cluny

Today’s ride just put a smile on my face ☺️ The day started with a little bit of climbing but left me with a beautiful view over Dijon. After that my road went into the winelands and provided me with some beautiful views over ancient wine domains of the Bourgone, with its many chateaus. I felt right at home between the soon wine to be 😂 I also saw a baby wild boar, which made me nervous a bit because often there is also a protective mother around, which I didn’t see at all. The baby boar seemed to be all by itself though, so happy to say I survived this wildlife encounter 😅 I ended the day in Cluny, which used to have the largest religious building of Europe until completion of Saint Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The Church in Cluny used to be almost 2 soccer fields long and was destroyed during the French revolution. Only the south- eastern parts of the choir remain, together with remnants of the nave and transept. This gives a good feeling for how immensely big the church must have been…

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