2021 Barcelona

14/08, rest day Dijon

It’s hard to imagine that I originally intended to just make a quick few hour visit to this beautiful city 😳 Very happy I decided to spend a whole day, roaming through the streets, being lazy and eating sweet miniature pastries ☺️ I only knew Dijon from its mustard, but apparently it used to the be the capital of the kingdom – later the Duchy – of Burgundy. The city has withstood the many different wars very well, so the city has been well preserved with buildings dating as far back as the 15th century. The city is just beautifully layered with mediëval wooden framework houses, mighty gothic churches and the late classicistic / early barok Ducal Palace and accompanying liberation square, designed by Francois Mansard, who also designed the palace of Versailles. Like Versailles, the Palace was built in honor of the Sun King himself. To top it all off I also found this stunning Art Nouveau building ☺️ The whole city center has been made car free and is designated Unesco World Heritage, so it was really nice to walk around here for a bit ☺️Hopefully my legs are now sufficiently rested for my next two day stretch to Lyon.

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