2021 Barcelona

12/08, day 7, Port sur Saone

I dreaded today a bit. I scheduled a 166k ride due to a lack of campsites along the route. So it was either a short day or a long day. Only short days don’t get me to Barcelona, so I decided on a long day while scheduling this trip. However, with all the wind of the last 5 riding days it had already been long riding days on shorter distances. So I felt a bit hesitant on taking on the 166k. I set my alarm early this morning and left Nancy at 0700. The sun was already out and shining, promising a very nice day today! During the morning terrain was very flat as I followed the Mossele river. It was really nice to see the Moselle river – one of the Rhine River’s main tributaries – become smaller and smaller the further upstream I got. From the Moselle river I then followed a canal that connects the Mossele river with the Saone river, which eventually flows into the Rhone river, which flows into the Mediterranean. By using this canal, you can sail a small boat all the way from the Mediterranean coast to the Atlantic ocean or the North sea. The canal crosses a 370m high hill by using many different sluises. The highest point of that system of sluises is marked by a sign. Up to that point I had followed all rivers upstream, meaning that all water that I saw would eventually end up in the Netherland. After the midway sign I will only follow the rivers downstream ☺️ Nevertheless, I still had to do some climbing in the afternoon, crossing some hills. The temperature reached 30 degrees, but no wind, so I shouldn’t be allowed to complain. In the end I finished today in less than 10 hours, including breaks. I used up some 5 liters of fluids to stay hydrated with these temperatures. Pretty pleased with myself! Hopefully I have some strength left in my legs for the next three days 😂

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