2021 Barcelona

11/08, rest day Nancy

Today I had a restday in a way that restdays were originally intended by whomever invented restdays ☺️ It started by sleeping in and then rolling my bike down the hill and onto Place Stanislas for a typical petit dejeuner ☺️ Nancy once was the capital of the Duchy of Lorraine and Its Duke Stanislas of Poland decided that Nancy had to become the most beautifully capital ever seen. For that reason he had a number of architects design a number of squares with adjacent buildings in a late French Baroque style. When I rode my bike over the squares yesterday afternoon it felt like I entered Disneyland ☺️ After breakfast I strolled around a bit over the beautiful squares and through the mediëval city, just to return to the Place Stanislas for lunch ☺️ After lunch I took a nap in the Parque de la Pepiniere and during the late afternoon I went to find some of Nancy’s most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. After the Franco Prussian War in 1870 France lost large parts of the Alsace and Lorraine to Germany. Many French affluent residents – but also artists and architects- then moved from this area to Nancy, which was still French. The affluent residents paid the artists and architects to build new residencies and company buildings in a mew modern style: the Art Nouveau, but later also Art Deco. This led to the Ecole Nancy, which progressively developed these new styles. I am very much aware on the degree of Nerdiness of my restdays 🤓 At the end of the day I pedalled my bike up the hill again, ready for another day of riding tomorrow! Very happy I got rid of all of yesterday’s troubles yesterday ☺️

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