2021 Barcelona

10/08, day 6, Nancy

Today was supposed to be an easy day, with only 75k to ride until Nancy. The day definitely started easy, with two fresh croissants from a bread dispenser πŸ˜‚ Who ever thought that the French would allow croissants and baguettes from something modern like a dispenser πŸ˜‚ Regardless, the croissants tasted nice and fresh and warm and they came neatly packed in a paper bag. Anyhow, so far so good. After my dispensed breakfast I had to do some climbing and I felt that my legs are quite tired. Pounding away against the wind and the hills over the last few days actually makes my knees hurt, which actually never happens 😳 So I was quite happy to find the river Moselle, which I could follow all the way to Nancy. Best thing is that the wind was a lot less today πŸ₯³ Once in Nancy things started working against me. While taking a picture of the city gate my bike slipped away from me. And because my foot was still locked in I made a nice little clumsy tumble πŸ˜“ But despite the French being French, some bystanders helped me back on my feet and made sure I was oke. Thank you French people, whomever you were πŸ™πŸ» After that little incident I decided to find a diy store to buy stuff to repair my tent. After that I went to find my campsite for tonight, which is on the top of a hill. After fiddling around for two hours with my tent I had only made things worse and decided that enough was enough. So I left all my bags at the campsite and cruised down the hill again to find the decathlon and buy a new tent. A sad occasion because I only used this other tent for some 5 weeks in New Zealand and I tend to get attached to my stuff πŸ€“ So not very satisfied I climbed back on my bike, only to find that my front tire was flat πŸ˜“ Worst thing was that it had a very little piece of metal wire in the outer tire and it seemed impossible to get it out. Once I succeeded in the repairs I made my way back up the hill and put up the new way to big 3 person tent 😳 After that I took a shower and then walked to the restaurant for food, only to find it closed πŸ˜“ In the end Uber Eats saved the day ☺️ 6 days, 725k Tomorrow I have an off bike day in beautiful Nancy πŸ₯³

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