2021 Barcelona

08/08, day 4, Montmedy

Another nice day! Had a lot of rain during the night and the day started grey, windy and cold 🥶 At 1130 it was only 13c. Started the day with a beautiful bike trail along some river with a gradual incline. After that if were rolling hills, which was nice because during the uphill the wind isn’t much of a bother. The downhills were chilly though. At some point I found my road blocked by cows. Always thought that would only happen in Asia 😂 It was fun to watch the cows be as surprised by me as I was by them, but unfortunately it also started raining at that moment. During lunch the sky broke open and I got some rays of sun. Weather improved gradually and there wasn’t this constant threat of rain anymore. Ended the day today in Montmedy, which has a really nice Citadel which you can just walk into through its gate ☺️ Good 100k day, 505k in total… And right before the end of the day I crossed into France! Always nice to cross some invisible line into another country 🤗

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