2021 Barcelona

07/08, day 3, le Roptai

When I woke up this morning I noticed I was camped next to some ready to eat blackberries ☺️ That was a nice surprise breakfast. After that great start of the day something a little less great happened: I damaged one of the poles of my tent 😢 I figured I would ride to Namur and try to find a repair kit there. During the morning I rode more old railroads and they gradually brought me to 200m alt. Landscape is really undulating now. Halfway to Namur the crazy winds picked up again, so I was both on false flat and fighting the wind. Right before Namur I had a great gradual 200m descent though ☺️ I tried to find a repair kit for my tent pole, but without succes. I bought some tape instead and I hope it will hold 😂 Otherwise I can always buy a new tent somewhere along the road… From Namur I made my way to Dinant along the Meuse river (the same one I was suppose to swim last week 😂) There are some signs of the high water of a few weeks ago, but there’s not much damage. More annoying wind though ☠️ From Dinant I moved into the hills of the Ardennen and I had to do my first climbing of the trip, which actually went quite well ☺️ I came across some nice villages and castles, so definitely worth it! I love how much beautiful stuff can be found so close to home 🥰 6k before the end of the trip it started raining, although buienradar said It was still dry. I found shelter under a tree, but once the tree started leaking I put on my rain gear and rode my last 6k to the campsite. I repaired my tent pole with the Tape I bough and had the tent up before it started raining again ☺️ The tent pole is holding for now, but I’m not sure it will hold for another 16 cycles of breaking down and putting. I better start keeping an eye out for a new tent 🙈

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