2021 Barcelona

06/08, day 2, Neerlinter

I woke up this morning while it rained, meaning I had a good excuse to sleep in ☺️ It also means that I left late and that I initially worried wether I would keep it dry today. In the end it were the force 4/5 winds that made today a tough day and not the rain. Cycling a 130k into the wind means that progress was slow and that I had quite some stops. The route was a bit boring as well, mainly following old railroad tracks, which means long straight stretches with not too much to see but agricultural land. Highlights of the day were passing the Belgium border and the town Diest with its cozy market and 17th century Begijnhof. I lazed around a bit at one of the cafes there before finishing my last 20k of windy railroad track. Found a nice campsite and got a good dose of conspiracy theories from the owner. According to him I should turn around immediately before the Dutch government won’t let me back in again 😂 While writing this it started raining again and I’m treated to a beautiful rainbow, on which I have a great view from the bad weather shelter. Day number two done ☺️ some 280k in total.

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