2021 Barcelona

05/08, day 1, Boxtel

During the first week of September I have a 5 day course in Barcelona, so I figured I could combine that week with my summer holiday. This means that during the next three weeks I’ll try to ride my bike to Barcelona ☺️ It also means that I’m carrying too much stuff on my bike, including a computer and “fancy clothes” ☠️ Day one is done. Left early and took it real slow, especially compared to last sunday’s 90k within 3 hours 😳 Rode a 150k today, with many stops and breaks. I’m quite excited to ride in Europe again ☺️ last time i did that is some 5 years ago. I’m also quite excited that I left from my front door ☺️. Made my way to Rotterdam and from there to Kinderdijk with its windmills. It doesn’t get any more Dutch than that. From there I rode through the Dutch river landscape and used four different ferries to cross four different rivers on my way south. In Den Bosch I stopped for a real Bossche Bol from pastry chef Jan de Groot, which are quite famous in the Netherlands. I ended my ride a little above Eindhoven. I’m camping again for the first time since New Zealand, which is already 1.5 years ago. I had some nice conversation with my campsite neighbors, who are also traveling by bike. It’s a thirteen year old girl with her grandma. The girl has an amazing interest in all sorts of things – including the waterlinie, the deltawerken and Vincent van Gogh – and her grandmother has travelled all around the world without ever taking a plane. Some quite inspirational stories came out of her ☺️ Great first day! I’m already full on in holiday mode ☺️

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