2020 Taiwan

08/12, ride around the Island, day 18, Linkou

It rained consistently throughout the night, making me a bit worried about today’s ride. Rain, low temperatures, slippery remote mountain roads, lots of downhill, occasional climbs, riding the last bit through the busy city (rain turns motorists crazy for what ever reason). Despite the rain I took of this morning and the first two hours indeed were wet and cold and slow. But then after enough descending, the temperature rose a bit and the rain stopped. At some point I was even treated to a rainbow 😊 Scenery was again amazing. It was hard to believe that so much wonderful raw nature can be found this close to a metropolis with a population of 6.5 million people. So all my worries about the ride subsided after the first two hours, and it was actually quite an enjoyable ride 😊 Around 1300 I made it back home, ending my 1704k loop around the Island (including the three days around the northern part of the Island that I did a few weeks back). It’s been a great trip and it’s amazing how much Taiwan has to offer! If it’s not yet on your list it definitely should be! I’m quite aware how spoiled I actually am that I’ve been able to make a trip like this during times like these. Hopefully everybody else can also start realizing their travel dreams again really soon!

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