2020 Taiwan

07/12, ride around the Island, day 17, Mingchi

Today was supposed to be the last day of my trip, but rain, hills and low temperatures have made me cut my ride short today 😯 Taiwan has shown all it’s types of weather to me during the last two weeks, including clear blue skies with a blazing sun and 34 degree, storm force winds with curtains of rain, and only a 8 degree temperature and pouring rain during this morning’s ride. When I woke up it was only drizzling so I figured i’d just start riding, hoping that (based on the forecast) a little into today’s ride the weather might clear up a bit. First up was a 1000m climb. The legs felt good and scenery was great again. But climbing up, slowly temperatures decreased and my fingers and feet and legs were getting numb. Next up was some 60k of undulating descend, meaning downhill, followed by 150m bits of uphill. And it became very clear that the legs were not liking the uphill bits after cooling down on the downhill bits. Luckily I came across a hotel. I first informed whether they could help me arrange transport to where I needed to go, but they could only arrange transport to where I came from. So instead of hitching a ride, I opted to take a room for the night and finish today’s ride tomorrow. Always nice to have an extra day of holiday 😊 It’s still going to be a long wet day tomorrow though, but probably more manageable without having already already climbed a 1000m through the pouring rain. The pictures show my bike as drying rack for my cloths while making friends with Santa and Olaf, lunch and me trying to dry out some of my clothes, just to make them wet again tomorrow 😂

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