2020 Taiwan

06/12, ride around the Island, day 16, Yulan

I started the day today with a clear blue sky 😊 As I would be mainly riding downhill today, I had a late start at 0800. At that time it was only 8 degrees at 1500 meter. Before the long downhill I first had to conquer a hill between me and the long downhill, so I first had to climb back up to 2000m. The legs were not to happy about that though, but they did it anyway, so no complaints. On the other side of that hill it was cloudy, and not long after descending into the clouds the rain started. It started with a drizzle, but later turned into real rain. The main downside of the rain was that it made the descend really cold 🥶 Luckily the temperature rose steadily the further down the mountain I got. The riding actually was amazing. It was quite fascinating to follow the water down the mountain, starting with steep waterfalls higher up and gradually transforming into wide and multi branched rivers lower down. So despite the rain, great day 😊 Tomorrow is going to be my last day riding around the island. It’s going to be a tough one though, with quite some climbing left to do. For a moment I’ve considered taking the train back home, but I figured it would be a lot of fuzz as well. Crossing the mountains again is probably easier 😂 

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