2020 Taiwan

05/12, ride around the Island, day 15, Lishan

Wonderful ride today. Left around 6am, hoping this would give me enough time to complete today’s climb to 2650 meter. I made it to the top of my planned ride at around 2pm. Slowly climbed out of the gorge along near vertical cliffs, providing amazing views over the gorge and the rive flowing down below. Gradually I climbed into the clouds and gradually vegetation changed from tropical plants, to leafy trees, to spruce trees. At the top it almost felt as if I was cycling through some ancient European forest during fall, with beautifully colored leaves and some massive old trees. The pictures truly don’t do this bit of nature justice. The spectacular views are hard to capture… Great day, leaving me with another personal record climb 😊 Considered for a moment to push through to 3275m, Taiwan’s highest road. Unfortunately it would have taken me some 2 more hours, meaning it would have become a race against the fading daylight, so in the end listened to my more sensible side…. 

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