2020 Taiwan

03/12, ride around the Island, day 14, Taroko

Always save the best for last… Starting on the Island’s west coast and riding counter clockwise has been a conscious decision. The western half of the island is more populated and industrialized, while the east coast is quite know for it’s natural beauty and stunning coast line. Next to that, the north east also provides access to the Taroko Gorge. A 20 kilometer long gorge cut through the the marble rock by the Liwu river. And through this gorge run’s Taiwan’s cross Island highway, the country’s first highway to connect the east and west coast. It was first constructed during the 1950’s and has been upgrade over the years, so it holds some true historic and modern engineering masterpieces. And scenery is absolutely magnificent. It put a big smile on my face 😊 Today I rode only 40k from Hualien, of which some last 20k against the wind. After that I made my way into the gorge and slowly climbed from 0 to 500 meter, although with all the beauty around me it hardly felt like climbing 😊 Around 1500 I made it to the little town Tianxiang, where I will spend the night and have a rest day tomorrow to do some additional exploring. After that I’ll make my way further up, to about 2650 meters. Before doing that, it’s nice to give the legs a proper rest though. They really feel that they’ve peddled some 400k into the wind 😊 Great day today! Very happy that I got to ride my bike here!

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