2020 Taiwan

28/11, ride around the Island, day 10, Kenting

Not a very eventful ride today. 145k on the flats made for smooth and relatively fast riding. Temperature was very comfortable, mainly due to the presence of some light clouds. The day ended with some crazy crosswinds though, which kept pushing me of the road 😂 Had an early start again and took my time. Reached the city of Kaohsiung nice and early and had a look at Mecanoo’s new center for performing arts. Nice building, nice design, okayish execution. Makes me wonder why it’s so hard to get the building that i’m working on built 🙈 After a short stop I continued my way and calmly made my way to beautiful Kenting down in the far south of the Island. Found that I booked myself a pretty posh room with a very nice view, which is always nice at the end of a long day of riding, and for my rest day tomorrow 😊 Passed a 461k marker at one of my rest stops. I guess I’m taking a bit of a detour, as my own count is at 730. The day after tomorrow I start heading north again….

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