2020 Taiwan

26/11, ride around the Island, day 8, Tainan

Today my legs did feel the work they did yesterday 😯 Luckily today was a 70k 2200m downhill, followed by 80k on the flats with a slight tailwind. It was a shame that the downhill was interrupted with a few short stints of uphill, otherwise it would have been perfect 😊 Waking up to a see of clouds was amazing, and so was the descend. Views were spectacular and I was just amazed by how long the downhill kept going 😂 I guess I climbed a lot yesterday ☺️ The 80k on the flats was not too interesting. There was not too much traffic though, so not too much pollution either. Between 1100 and 1300 it was pretty warm, but I was quite amazed how after 1300 it already started cooling down. Very happy with that. Made it to Tainan around 1500 and visited Fort Zeelandia, established in 1624 by the Dutch and the oldest fort in Taiwan. There is not much left of the original Dutch fort though, as it was taken over by the Chinese, bombarded by the British and then rebuilt by the Japanese. Also visited the Tainan Spring by MVRDV, a public square featuring a lagoon. There was no water in the lagoon though, which was a bit disappointing 😂 Tried to find out why, but without success. Did some more sightseeing and then went to find my hotel. Quite happy to say that tomorrow will only be a short day…

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