2020 Taiwan

24/11, rest day at Sun Moon Lake

Beautiful day at Sun Moon Lake 🥰 Had an easy morning with an elaborate breakfast, and then took a boat to the other side of the lake. Took a short hike to one of the temples on top of the hill and climbed the pagoda for some nice views. I ended up in a little village and had lunch and strolled through the streets a bit. At some point this little old Formosan aboriginal lady came running after me and offered me a shot of one of the many variants of liquor she had on display. I took it, and then she offered me another one, but this time different taste. I had a hard time walking away without buying anything, so I ended up having 6 or 7 shots, which kicked in rather quickly 😳 It takes an alcoholic to know one, and this little lady got it spot on with me as her main clientele for the day. I just couldn’t say no to this little old lady, so I ended up buying one of her bottles, so I could leave without being completely wasted and without breaking my heart. I guess these little tourist shops are not having an easy time during the absence of tourists. However, tomorrow I’ve got a 2500 meter climb planned and there is no way I’ll be dragging that bottle up the mountain (or drink it the night before)😢 To anyone who has ever regarded me to be an alcoholic: you were absolutely right, but even I have boundaries…. So I guess the hostel owner will find a nice surprise bottle of liquor in my room after I left. Such a shame…

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