2020 Taiwan

21/11, ride around the Island, day 4, Nanzhuang

Time to attempt a loop around the rest of the Island! Great idea to do it only six days after last week’s triathlon, but who cares right 🙂

I’ve been here for almost 5 months now, so it’s time for a nice break! Now should also be the right time weather-wise. Hopefully temperatures will not be to high and hopefully the rainy season stays away for another two weeks.

Today was day 1 out of 14 planned riding days. Did a 100k and some mild climbing. It was a nice day, although after lunch it was still quite warm and unfortunately I felt the poor air quality in my lungs. I made it to the little village of Nanzhuang without too much trouble though.

Enjoyed the mountains, the giants, the dragons and the coloring rice fields with rice that is about ready for harvesting. Also feeling really fortunate to take a break like this, while half the world is still in lockdown. Almost feeling guilty… (almost)

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