2020 Taiwan

15/11, Challenge Taiwan, 51.5k

Trying something new today: stand in line in the pouring rain for 30 minutes for registration – attend pre- race briefing – sort out all my stuff after that – go to bed early – have a shitty night of sleep due to nervous anticipation – wake up at 0400am – check in my bicycle at 0430 am – wait for 1.5 hour for the race to start – watch the sun rise over the swim lake – get ready to start – start – swim for 1.5k – come to the realization that open water swimming is different from swimming in a pool – trying not to drown in the turmoil – see all my competitors get away from me at high speed – got stuck under the paddle board of the lifeguard – things ease up a bit and I find my stroke – now the big overtaking game has started – enjoying swimming under the early morning sky, including rainbow – i make it though the swim rather well – 8th out of 80 out of the water – 850 meter run towards my bike – get my shoes on and on the bike within 3.5 minutes – 40k bike ride along the eastern coast of Taiwan – drink some water – mountains on one side, the pacific ocean on the other – palm trees on the side of the road – i’m competing with my monster Africa bike against light weight road bikes and time trial bikes – i do rather well! – 4th out of 80 of the bike – just take of my helmet and start the 10k run – people are awake now and cheer along the track – my legs are wobbly – should have done more brick sessions – after 2k the wobblieness subsides – nevertheless I’m a shitty runner 😂 – i take it easy and regulate my breath – skip all the aid posts – keep telling myself that I can’t stop – 5k to go – 3k – last 500m – finish! – 26th out of 80 out of the run – overall position 6th out of 80! – surprised myself with that 😊- feels good 😊 – probably says more about the Taiwanese than it says about me – enjoy the good vibe in the finish area – collect my bike – take a shower – enjoy some more of the good vibe around the finish area – eat – sleep – start planning the next event! Thank you Challenge Taiwan!  I had a lot of fun! Great weekend! Lots of respect for those competing in the 113k and 226k versions.

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