2020 Taiwan

03/10, ride around the Island, day 3, Linkou

Day 3 of my little moon trip 😊 Although I must say it was a tough one. Left at 0700, assuming that it would still be early enough to beat the heat, but this early in the morning it was already 28 degrees 😳 I started the day by bringing my bike and my pannier down a very narrow and steep stairway (after bringing it up that same stairway yesterday… downside of picking a hotel that is only accessible by stairs 😯) and after I completed that task I was already properly sweating. And it didn’t get much better during the day. Around 0100 the temperature had risen to 32 degrees with a scorching sun straight overhead (meaning no shadow) and a black radiating asphalt road underneath me. After reaching Tamshui river I decided to wait out the rest of the hot afternoon in the shade of one of the MRT viaducts, especially because my last bit home was another 200m uphill (downside of living on top of a plateau). I finally returned home around 1700, meaning it had taken me some 10 hours to complete a 115k. Not my fastest ride 😳 Makes me wander how I completed the Africa ride 😂 scenery still beautiful though….. Great little three trip!

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