2020 Taiwan

01/10, ride around the Island, day 1, Yilan

This weekend it is moon festival in Taiwan, celebrating the official start of autumn according to the lunar calendar. This means we have a long 4 day weekend! For me, a nice opportunity to do some exploring by bike 😊 During the next three days i’ll ride around the northern bit of the Island. Hopefully I’ll be able to ride around the rest of the Island during the next few weeks.

Today I crossed the Island from west to east, from Linkou to Yilan, meandering through the mountains and past tea- and palmtree plantations! It’s quite amazing how fast you can leave busy Taipei behind you and enter beautiful nature! Views were spectacular, and the Monkey warning sign is no joke! During my descent to Yilan I barely avoided one jumping out of the bush 😯 And this was not a small one, but similar sized to the Olive baboons we encountered in Africa… Although in Africa I didn’t ever come close to a near collision. Fortunately both me and the monkey survived without any damage done. Tomorrow I’ll make my way north along the coast, to the old mining town Jiufen. Great ride today! 

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