2020 Taiwan

12/09, Hiking Elephant Mountain

Conquered south-east Taipei’s “mountains” today. Started out at Taipei 101 and then made my way up to the top of the famous 183 meter high Elephant Mountain. From there I followed the less known “Four Beasts” trail to Lion Mountain, Leopard Mountain and Tiger Mountain. There were also a lot of Taiwanese on the trail, doing their morning exercise or visiting one of the many temples on the trail. The air was full with sounds of birds and other animals, Buddhist music and the smell of burning incense, adding to the whole ambiance and overall experience 😊 After tiger Mountain I made my way down towards the trailhead of the 9-5 trail, leading to the peak of 375 meter high 9-5 mountain and ultimately back to Taipei 101. Half way up my clothes reached the point of complete sweat saturation, giving a whole new meaning to the word “sweat pants”. The trail up was quiet, but once up the mountain ridge it got busy again, mainly with people who looked a lot fresher than I did, making me look bad 😂 I was more than happy when I made it to the top, and also more than happy when I reached the bottom again. The steep stairs leading up and down were quite an attack on my knees, although I don’t think I messed them up as bad as with climbing up and down Table Mountain. Once down I could wrench my shirt and even my shoes were filled with sweat 😯 During my 13k and 4h long hike I drank about 4 liters of water 😯 Enjoyed a well deserved shower back home… Another nice adventurous day 😊

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