2020 Taiwan

05/09, Hunting daylillies

While reading a Taiwanese news site, I learned that the daylilly season had started. The pictures that accompanied the news article looked stunning, so I figured it would be nice to go daylilly hunting by bike!

I took the Friday off and booked a hotel in Yuli in Hualien County, on the east side of the Island.  After a stunning 5 hour drive I arrived at my B&B around dinner time and went to bed quite early, so I could make an early start this morning. At 530 I had unloaded my bike from the car and I was on my way to the top of “60 stone mountain”, the best spot in Taiwan to see the daylillies bloom.

The first bit was quite steep but after that the 1100m ascent was quite manageable. I made my way through the clouds, towards the sun, after which I was treated to some impressive views over the rift valley and Taiwan’s central mountains. And then, towards the end of the climb, they were there! A sea of orange daylilies! The reason to come all the way here for a bike ride 🙂

The flowers are actually farmed and used as food and as ingredient for luxury products. However, they only grow at a small number of places in the country and they blossom only between the start of August and Mid September. It was worth the long drive and the climb though! One of most beautiful and gratifying rides I did so far, with some proper scenery as a reward!

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