2020 Taiwan

2 week quarantine

For some one who normally isn’t even able to spend a free Sunday entirely inside, the prospect of two weeks of quarantine was quite daunting to me… I figured I would deal with it in the same way as I would deal with a bike trip or eating an elephant: day by day or bite by bite. I also decided to see it as some kind of mental challenge, hoping that the closer I would come to the finish line, the harder it would get, but the better I would feel…

At my request my local colleagues had arranged for a spacious room, with a sleeping and a living area. This meant I didn’t have to spend my whole days on or around the bed. I was not allowed to leave the door for 14 days and no one was allowed to enter either. Food was left right in front of my door three times a day.

About an hour after entering my cell I received a call from immigration police (through the hotel phone) on why my cell phone was not active. That was because I hadn’t activated my sim card yet. But apparently they use the phone for location tracking, which from a western perspective is actually unimaginable😂.

I brought a stand for my bike so I could use it while stationary, and my colleagues rented a treadmill for me, so I was able to keep up my running routine as well. And although the bath tub was quite big, it unfortunately was to small to keep up my swimming routine. Anyhow, Ducky said that I was not allowed to complain about the room in any case, because he said that it’s significantly bigger than the egg he had to spent the start of his life in…. Such wisdom….

I made it through the days with work, watching all kinds of streaming services, , ordering uber eats, eating the ordered food, cycling, running, showering and staring at the ceiling. Because the room was quite poorly lit and there was not much natural daylight coming in, my jetlag consisted for the full two weeks. However, just as with a long distance bike ride, at some point you’ll near the end. Can’t say I was unhappy to be released. And I’m quite happy to say that although I remained stationary and within my room, I was still able to some 50k of running and some 150k of cycling 🙂 crazy…

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