2020 Taiwan

01/07, Departure

Time to fly! Pasport(s)? check! Vacinations? check! Visa? check! Covid 19 test? check! Health declaration? check! Quarantine adres? check! Quarantine buddy? Check! Meet Ducky! My quarantine buddy that my friends provided for me! My Wilson!!!!!! I’m sure we will get very close over the next two weeks! We got of to a good start as he drove me to the airport! It already feels like he has my ba(g)(ck)…. So after waiting in line for security and pasport control we boarded an almost empty 787. We took off and Ducky clearly never flew this high before. He really liked the clouds. After that it was time for dinner. That’s when I noticed his first annoying behavior. Apparently he likes deserts, so he stole my desert! Then it was time for a movie. Annoying point number two: he really likes to sit really close in front of the screen! Luckily I fell asleep not long after that! Made it safely to Hong Kong! Now waiting for my flight onwards to Taipei!

While waiting for the next flight Ducky told me that when he grows up he also wants to become a big bird and fly for an airline! Although he really feels quite said that a lot of big birds are not allowed to fly right now…. Inspired by the whole situation he really wanted to fly across the terminal while l was having my first Asian meal, but I told him it wouldn’t be a good idea. Maybe it was, I don’t know. I hated the thought of losing my quarantine buddy before quarantine actually started though…. In stead I let him have a swim in my wine. U fortunately the glass was not big enough for a proper swim, but he definitely got a bit tipsy! After that we boarded the flight and flew the last stretch to Taipei.

Once we arrived I registered for quarantine and presented my health certificate, negative covid 19 test, visa, company details, invitation letter and quarantine adres. I made sure to keep Ducky hidden out of sight, because I don’t think he would be eligible to enter. We then picked up all the bags with stuff that Ducky necessarily wanted to bring on this trip at the baggage reclaim belt and then found a quarantine taxi to take us to the quarantine hotel. On entering the room, Ducky called dibs on the bed, meaning I’m sleeping on the couch. I tried arguing with him that there is more than enough space for the two of us, but he argued back that there really is not. What else could I do?

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