20/02/06, Day 13, Pipiriki to Wanganui

Back on the bike! Got up around 8 and was on my way pretty soon after that. The group shared a cabin last night, so I didn’t have to break up my tent. The company had been good to me and it had been a nice change from cycling by myself, but it was also pretty nice to dictate my own plans again. So off I went as early or late as I wanted to! 

I rode 78k to Wanganui, following the Wanganui river. Did about a 1000 meters of climbing. It actually was quite an easy day and I rolled smooth. Arms were tired but legs were well rested. And on the bike the arms didn’t bother me, so no problem 🙂 And I didn’t feel the blisters on my hands either 🙂

The canoe trip had been really nice but the road along the river provided some nice vistas over the river as well. I made it to town around 1400, so I had a whole afternoon to sort myself out 🙂 I wanted to buy a gas burner (something I didn’t bring along but now find is actually quite useful), some antihistamine to suppress my itchy mosquito bites and some new brakepads. Unfortunately I found almost all shops in town closed due to Waitangi day, a public holiday. Either way I managed to find a gas burner and the antihistamine. The brake pads will have to wait till tomorrow morning.

After that I made my way to the beach, battling a quite serious headwind. Unfortunately there is not a very nice waterfront, probably because the Tasman Sea is just to rough and bashes into the coast. There were also a lot of signs indicating what to do in case of a tsunami 🙂

So I ended up at the cafe next to the campsite and tried to re-arrange my flight back home as my intended flight has been cancelled due to the Corona virus. I now fly home over Shanghai instead of Guangzhou. Not sure how that works though because Shanghai is still China right? Anywayzzz I more or less succeeded. I just have to sort out seats. 

So my lazy afternoon was actually quite busy and un-enervating m. A bit of a shame… but it is what it is. It’s another 3 to 3,5 days to Wellington. Tomorrow 100k and about 1500 meters of climbing. I first have to sort out those brake pads though!

Back on the road again! Still following the river though…

Some pretty proper views!


Little church in the middle of nowhere…

I like 👍🏻

Nice spot for a short break

Cycling is different from canoeing though…

Final climb of the day. Good reward

Getting close to the sea

Town is nice! Lots of nice old colonial buildings

Nice little square

Most shops were closed though

Made it all the way to the sea! Pretty rough sea though

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