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Ride from Auckland to Queenstown 2020

The nice thing about doing project related work, is that projects start, and that they end. The period in between two projects appears to be a great time for me to take a bit of a longer holiday and go out exploring with my bike. This year my project ended at the end of January, meaning that I could easily take some time off in February. The next step was to determine where the weather would be nice during this time of year, narrowing my choices down to the Southern hemisphere.

My last trip brought me to South Africa, and I wouldn’t know where to start with “just” five weeks in South America. Work will undoubtfully bring me back to Asia at some point, and I already travelled along the east coast of Australia by car. However, the distance between Auckland and Queenstown in New Zealand seemed to be quite manageable in 5 weeks. And next to that, New Zealand seems to be very much appreciated by the rest of world. So without having any specific preference, I found myself drawn to New Zealand for this year’s trip 🙂

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