20/01/13 Tour d’Afrique 2019 Film

So last year around this time I just woke up after my first night in Cairo, ready to start on an insane adventure. I had not yet met the people that I now call friends and I had no clue on how I would cope with the hardship ahead. It’s hard to believe that a year has gone by since that day and that this adventure is now behind me, but intrinsically also part of me.

I’m very happy that I kept this blog as a day to day account of this tour, and besides that I am now happy to say that TDA global cycling has also released an 8 part film (25 minutes in total) of our trip, shot by the tour’s dedicated filmographer Laundon Peacock.

I think Laundon did an absolute fabulous job, although 25 minutes is just a mere glimpse of what we experienced in 4 months, crossing a continent and passing through 10 countries.

I have no regrets. I’m happy that I embarked on this trip and proud that I completed it. However regular day to day life has sucked me right back in and this whole experience feels unreal, like I read it in a book or saw it in a movie. I would do the trip again without hesitation, although it will never be the same without our people. It’s a book or a movie that can’t be re-read, or re-seen. It’s all memories, feelings, words and imagery now….

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