18/05/13, The Day After

So we’re done… it all still feels a bit surreal. More like a restday than having finished. I’ve spent the day like a restday too. A very lazy restday though, not an active one 🙂

I woke up at 5, a habit that will be hard to lose. The nice thing was that I could just laze around in my big 2 person bed with fresh sheets as long as I wanted! At 7 i got restless though and got out of bed to have breakfast. I went downstairs and found Fiona by herself on one of the tables in the restaurants and joined her. 
I had a long 3 hour breakfast this morning 🙂 And over the course of the mornig we we’re joined in our breakfast with a view on Table Mountain and the city  by more and more TDA riders. Our table for four soon became too small and we started adding chairs. And later even tables. However, as people were also leaving the hotel and even the city today, the breakfast also turned into a goodbye party, saying goodbye to the ones that we would not see anymore, including Fiona. In any case it felt like a better goodbye than my departure at the bar yesterday 🙂
At 10 I left the breakfast because I had to change rooms at 11. I said goodbye to some last people and headed upstairs to pack all my stuff. Once in the room I gave one last call to the reception to enquire if it was really necessary that I would move and it was not, so I could stay 🙂 I spent my won time having a long nap 🙂
Around 1 i went downstairs for lunch and found Loraine and some other people. I ate and chatted a bit. After that I went back upstairs for some more napping and a long bath. At the end of the afternoon I received an invite for dinner with Vik and his partner and some other TDA’ers, but I was just too tired to come out of my bathtub and decided not to abandon it and ordered roomservice to my room instead. 
What a lazy day! But very nice! The gradual goodbye process is progressing though…

Breakfast view on the city…

Late afternoon view on the city…
Not much else happened 🙂

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