19/05/07, stage 79, Felix Unite to Springbok

This morning we officially entered South Africa! Country number 10. Or 11 if you count my little sidetrip into Zimbabwe 🙂 At least it provides me with an impressive pasport, full of stamps and visums.

Today was our first ride of our last stretch. 133k, with a long gradual climb in the morning and some undulating hills in the afternoon. I pulled through it without any trouble and to be honoust it was quite an uneventfull ride. We’re riding through Namaqua land, which doesn’t look to exciting, but apparantly this place comes to life with an abundance of flowers during the wet season. Unfortunately we’re not here at the right time to see that though…
However we did have a few drops of rain this afternoon, which is hard to believe after all the desert we saw. And besides that, temperatures have dropped significantly. During lunch it was pretty cool and in the evening I was simply cold! Luckily I brought my hoodie!
Anywayz, with entering South Africa we leave Namibia behind us. And Namibia has been pretty great to us! I liked the vast empty landscapes and the amazing colors of the desert. I liked how blue the sky was and how far you could see, just because there is no polution and humidity. I liked the night skies, which were the clearest I’ve ever seen! I liked that I could see our road miles and miles ahead, twisting and turning through the landscapes. I liked all the life that was living in this dry terain. The plants, the animals, but also the humans. They’ve adapted themselves to live in this terrain. I liked the Afrikaans and that I could understand it. I liked the German influences in the language and in the architecture. I liked the challenge of the dirt road. I liked that I could cycle those roads for hours without comming across anyone. I liked feeling small on these roads and in these landscapes.
Thank you Namibia, you were very impressive! It’s going to be a challenge for South Africa to beat you!

Last sunrise in Namibia…

After today Cape Town is only some 600k away…

Riding our bikes through Namaqualand. Apparanty the place is full of flowers during the wet season…

And it rained today… I only hit a few drops though…

An uneventfull ride, but still a pretty nice place 🙂

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