19/04/30, restday in Sesriem

Fred had been quite right yesterday when he sugested to go and see the the sun set over the dunes, instead of the sun rise this morning. This allowed me to sleep in, instead of getting up at 0500 🙂
I spent the whole day at the lodge. Just relaxing. Writing. Eating. Sleeping. Reading. Swimming. Being lazy… In the afternoon I took a walk into the desert to see the nearby canyon. All together it was a very nice day and I really feel I needed that. Especially because the TDA staff calls tomorrow’s ride “your worst nightmare”. Although I would say it can hardly get any worse than yesterday’s ride.
If by any chance tomorrow’s ride actually is worse than yesterday’s, I’ve decided not to push my boundaries any further. I’m pretty tired and I know that I won’t recover overnight from this deep intrinsic fatique. After arriving in Cape Town I will only have a few extra days off to recover before I go back to work, and it doesn’t feel sensible to push myself beyond some limit, for no good reason. Like I already said yesterday, I feel that we are starting to do stuff that for me borders on insanity… 830k in 5 days. 1000k on really bad dirt roads. I like my bike, but like I said before: i’m just a nerd riding my bike!
Well… let’s just see how bad this nightmare actually is going to be tomorrow… In any case today was just great!

So when was the last time you woke up to a view like this…

In a bed like this…

To have breakfast at a place like this…

Overlooking a bunch of animals like this…

Followed by a dip in a pool like this…

To have a stroll into a landscape like this…

To end up in a canyon like this…

To end the day relaxing in some seats like these 🙂 With a cup of tea!

To see the sun set over the Namibian desert like this 🙂
Great day!

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