19/04/21, stage 67, Baobab Bush Camp to Ghanxi

More like yesterday today. 143k, monotonous scenery, wind in our back. I rode in the same train as yesterday, so the day wasn’t too hard. I’m conserving my energy for the big 208 tomorrow 🙂

The last 3k were over a sandy road leading from the main road to camp, which was quite a challenge. I walked most of. I read about his road on blogs of riders who did the tour on previous years though, so I knew that it was comming. I just didn’t know that it would be comming today. And tomorrow, because we have to leave camp and get to the main road by this road as well. But, hey, it’s the Tour d’Afrique, so why make it easy? It’s all part of the fun 🙂
As we speak there is a big thunderstorm passing over camp. Who thought that it could rain this hard in the Kalahari desert right? For that reason I didn’t put too much effort in putting up my tent this afternoon. We’re camping on a sandy/rocky underground which doesn’t hold the pegs too well, but as there was no wind I figuered that my bag would keep it in place. However when I got back from the bar to check on my tent after the first big wind gusts, I found my tent blown up side town. 
Together with the help of Pete I put it in the right position again and we secured it as best as we could with pegs and rocks. I’m now inside, hoping that the tent will survive the wind gusts. The fly is not as tight around the tent as it should be, so the wind blows it against the inner tent which makes it rain a bit inside as well 🙂 Not nearly as hard as outside though 🙂 
All my gear is in waterproof bags so I don’t worry too much about that though. I just need the tent to survive for another 3 weeks 🙂 Untill now I’m okay… let’s see what the morning brings 🙂 Great storm though! I like the flashes and the thunder!

Fiona decorated her bike 🙂

Here comes the sun!

Endless bush…

Riding the train…

The train taking over the super market after 300k of nothingness….

Hmz maybe this should have warned me that rain and thunder are possible in the Kalahari…

The 3k sandy road!

Me praying that this is all the water that will come in and that the tent will survive 🙂 Still not too bad at this moment though 🙂

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