19/04/18, stage 65, Bushcamp to Maun

The fifth and last day of our five day stretch from Livingstone to Maun. 714k in total, with 134k today. A little while back I hadn’t ever done 500k within 3 days, and now I did it for the 3rd time in three weeks. And next week I probably do it again.

Today was a tough day though. Besides it being the last day of the stretch, the scenery that was quite monotonous and the fierce cross/head wind, we got shitty food again last night. And because we were at a bushcamp there unfortunately wasn’t any possibility of supplementing with any other food. On yesterday’s 185k ride we burned about as much calories as someone who runs a marathon and TDA served us blend rice and dry chicken in some kind of watery sauce, which just is not enough to keep me going for another 134k the next day. The result was that I felt hungry this morning after only 30k, with no cokestops untill 10k before the end of the ride.
Luckily I had some cookies and a coke in my trunkbag on which I was able to make it to lunch. Lunch was good and they sold cokes on the side of the road just a few k’s after lunch, which helped me finish the ride. I made it through the last four days without too much pain, but after today’s ride I was just hammered. Thnk god (again) that we’re having a restday tomorrow. We’re camping at a nice overlander place, with a pool and good food, so hopefully I’ll be able to stock up on energy!
Focus today was mainly on finishing the ride, so there’s only a limited amount of pictures 🙂 I’m almost at 8000k! And a little over 2500 to go… no wonder I feel a bit tired 🙂

Another gorgeous sunrise 

And a pool at the end of today’s ride!

Tda taking over the bar/restaurant. Not a bad place for a restday!

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