19/04/17, stage 64, Nata to Bushcamp

185k today. Our longest day so far (again), on a long straight flat road, with bush on either sides. We passed the Makgadikgadi salt pans, but unfortuantely we only saw small bits on the outskirts of it. The bush is beautifull, but it just keeps on going. It was quite a monotonous ride actually. Luckily it was broken up a bit by Planet Baobab, which sounds awful but was actually very nice. It’s a nice overlander camp in the middle of nowhere, with a good bar and a swimming pool. It just has a horrible name 🙂 And it’s marked with a horrible giant aardvark on the side of the road 🙂 Nevertheless we had a good break there, with cokes and ice cream…

Wildlife during the riding was not that exciting. I saw some ostriches and an impala hopping over the road, which was more than most of the other riders saw. However, somewhere during the evening at camp we got treated to two big elephants walking through our camp and accross the road, which was just awesome 🙂 So today was day 5 in a row with wild elephants for me, which is not too bad i guess 🙂

185k over a bushy road…

Small salt pans at the start of the day…

Meet the aardvark!

I might have fallen asleep while waiting for my ice cream…

Palm trees on the side of the road…

Tallis scaring away the elephant from our camp!

Crossing the road a bit later…

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